Saturday, February 22, 2020 5:44:52 AM

Which cshtml style sheet controls to the absolute position (wishlist, log in, create an account)

6 years ago
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My website is here. I am using photovideo theme.

When we deployed the site from the sandbox, our hosting service/IT did something that told nop to ignore anything in the links before the /example. Therefore, none of the links in the absolute position of our website work. They don't automatically insert the www before the links to log in, register, shopping cart, wishlist, ect. This tells me that the cshtml file that controls them needs to be updated with the correct links and then replaced.

Can anyone tell me which cshtml file in the template controls the links in the absolute position? I looked in Common, shared, home, ect, and I'm not finding the code I need.
6 years ago
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There are no errors, all correct on your site.
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