NopCommerce 3.50 review

nopCommerce 3.50 multi-warehouse support

nopcommerce 3.50 multi warehouse support

Check if you want to support shipping and inventory management from multiple warehouses. Added "Phone" property to warehosue details page in admin area as well. Now a single product can exist in multiple warehouses. Now when an order is placed we store "Reserved" property.

Allow a store owner to enter the own company info

Allow a store owner to enter the own company info

In nopCommerce 3.50 you can add company info for specific stores

New specification attributes support

Now specification attributes support several types (option, custom text, HTML text, hyperlink)

In nopCommerce 3.50 now specification attributes support several types (option, custom text, HTML text, hyperlink).

Attaching PDF invoices to "order paid" emails

Allow a store owner to attach PDF invoices to "order paid" emails (disabled by default)

In nopCommerce 3.50 a store owner now can attach PDF invoices to "order paid" emails (note, disabled by default)

Allow to upload a static file in Message templates

Allow to upload a static file in Message templates

Allow a store owner to upload a static file

nopCommerce 3.50 rental products support

nopCommerce 3.50 rental products support added

Rental products support added. Check if this is a rental product (price is set for specific period). Please note that inventory management is not fully supported for rental products yet. It's recommended to set 'Manage inventory method' to 'Don't track inventory' now

Payment and shipping statuses

nopCommerce payment and shipping statuses added

In nopCommerce 3.50 displays payment and shipping statuses on the order details page

nopCommerce 3.50 discounts updated

Discount maximum quantity

Allow a store owner to specify maximum product quantity which could be discounted. Maximum product quantity which could be discounted. You can have two products (the same) in the cart but only one of them will be discounted as example. It can be used for scenarios like "buy 2 get 1 free". Leave empty if any quantity could be discounted

nopCommerce 3.50 logging

Ignore log word list

Allow a store owner to specify a list of errors (phrases) to be ignored when logging

nopCommerce Themes & Plugins inside your admin

In nopCommerce 3.50 you can see now all existing extensions and themes in admin area from nopCommerce official site

NopCommerce 3.4 review

NopCommerce 3.4 is much faster and easier to use, there is a slew of design as well as performance changes.

NopCommerce 3.4 administration side changes

Order list page

Allow a nopCommerce store owner to filter orders by warehouse (load orders with products from a specified warehouse). This way a store owner will be able to easily find a list of products to be shipped from a certain warhouse.

Shipment list page

Allow a nopCommerce store owner to filter shipments by warehouse (load shipments with products from a specified warehouse). This way a store owner will be able to easily find a list of products to be shipped from a certain warhouse.

In-store pickup

Added full support for in-store pickup. This way a customer should not enter shipping address during checkout. It can be enabled in nopCommerce admin area (shipping settings).

nopCommerce 3.4 in-store pickup

Admin comments

Allow a nopCommerce store owner to specify "Admin comment" for shipments (internal use). Allow a store owner to decide whether newsletter checkbox should be ticked/unticked on the registration page. For example, in Germany it's mandatory to disable the newsletter by default during registration.

noPCommerce 3.4 shipment admin comments

Added hints to appropriate bundling and minification options in nopCommerce admin area about server resource requirements. Allow a nopCommerce store owner to free search (min and max prices set to 0). Previously "ProductLoadAllPaged" stored procedure ignored 0 parameters.

PayPal Standard nopCommerce plugin

Added "address override" setting. For people who already have PayPal accounts and whom you already prompted for a shipping address before they choose to pay with PayPal, you can use the entered address instead of the address the person has stored with PayPal.

Allow a nopCommerce store owner to set a default currency for each language. Added RTL (right-to-left) support for PDF documents. Added a setting indicating whether a store owner can see tracking info (events) on the shipment details page in admin area based on an entered tracking code. This shipping setting is disabled by default.

Allow a nopCommerce store owner to specify default values for textboxes. Product and checkout attributes. Allow a nopCommerce store owner to specify display order of products displayed on the home page.

nopCommerce 3.4 sort order for homepage products

Allow a store owner to choose a page size on each admin page that has a grid. Now nopCommerce store names localizable also nopCommerce standard store name was used in some other places.

NopCommerce 3.4 client side changes

Added "ReplyTo" property to "QueuedEmail". Now we use it on the contacts page. When a user sends an email via the nopCommerce contact form, it is handy to populate the reply-to field with the user's email so a direct reply can be initiated.

Search page

Allow customers to choose a view mode, page size, sort.

NopCommerce 3.4 performance optimization

Memory leaks

We should dispose all used resources at the end of each HTTP request. Do not return views if we already know that there's nothing to display.

Faster loading of "also purchased" products. We disable bundling out of the box because it requires a lot of server resources.
Added one more database index to [Product_SpecificationAttribute_Mapping] table. Search engine optimization. "/sitemapseo" URL was renamed to "sitemap.xml". Search engine optimziation. Added sitemap.xml path to robots.txt file.

NopCommerce 3.4 developers notes

Now we do not embedded views for plugins. This way they can be editted without recompilation.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS 1: All views (cshtml files) and web.config file should have "Build action" set to "Content" and "Copy to output directory" set to "Copy if newer".

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DEVELOPERS 2: Previuosly we returned embedded view path. Now we return physical view paths (e.g. return View("~/Plugins/DiscountRules.HadSpentAmount/Views/DiscountRulesHadSpentAmount/Configure.cshtml"))

Prevent open redirection attacks in nopCommerce 3.4

NopCommerce 3.3 review

NopCommerce 3.3 has just released! NopCommerce 3.3 is faster and easier to use, there is a slew of design as well as performance changes.

NopCommerce 3.3 has switched to .NET 4.5.1 from the previously used .NET 4.5, thus offering all the new features that the .NET framework upgrade offers. The default nopCommerce theme has been upgraded to be responsive out of the box, and this feature can be disabled through the admin area as well. There have been significant changes made to the admin user interface as well.

The updated nopCommerce admin UI has been switched to KendoUI from the outdated Telerk MVC extension. To aid store owners with SEO campaigns, Implementation of ID-less topic URL pages has been done so that there will no longer be id numbers displayed in page URL henceforth.

nopCommerce  3.3 review

Smarter role management and improved checkout process

A new automatic role assignment feature has also been added, which is useful for managing paid membership. It gives an option to assign user role upon successful completion of purchase for specific products. Billing address can be disabled by store owners during the checkout process. Option to allow pre captured registration data to be prefilled, thus speeding up the checkout process. Smarter field management ensures fields that cannot be prefilled are not marked mandatory.

nopCommerce  3.3 review - A new automatic role assignment feature

Support for the new Google Universal Analytics in nopCommerce

NopCommerce 3.3 has added support for new Google Universal Analytics, while maintaining support for the original analytics system. Google recently announced a number of feature upgrades to their analytics tool, and the new nopCommerce update will allow users to take advantage of them.

nopCommerce  3.3 review - New Google Universal Analytics

Greater control over online store

Store owners can now configure country settings per store. They can also set checkout attributes individually per store. Vendor support has been extended in nopCommerce 3.3 as well, which includes localizable properties, added display orders, and improved SEO. Store owners will now be able to set validation rules for product and checkout attributes. Attribute type include textbox and multiline textbox, maximum file size upload, and allowed file extension. Store owners can now attach files to orders, which was a feature that several users had requested.

Improved Vendors

NopCommerce 3.3 - Performance optimization

New setting called ‘catalogsettings.ignoreacl’ has been added to specify whether ACL rules configuration for entities is to be ignored. Store owners who do not use this functionality should use this new setting since it provides a major boost in performance. SQL request has also been optimised, and attributes are fetched with a single query, greatly boosting performance.

Automatically detect visitor language

Fixed bugs in nopComemrce 3.3

Duplicate address handling is a problem when using multi-step or mobile checkout. User should check whether the address entered already exists, similar to one page checkout.

Ecommerce Design Trends

While it might be fair to say that making a name for yourself in the world of eCommerce is all about standing out from the crowd, this doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from following the pack in one or two ways. When it comes to the actual layout and the structure of your website, there are certain trends followed by the vast majority of world-leading businesses and brands for a very clear reason – they work!

So if you’re looking for a few pointers from your peers and those you’re admittedly striving to be a little more like, here’s a look at just a few of the top design eCommerce trends making waves right now:

Continue Shopping Buttons

Ideally you want to make your conversions as valuable as possible, so giving your readers the option to continue shopping rather than checking out their buys is crucial. How can you encourage this? Well, as it stands a full 35% of the top 200 eCommerce players ensure their "continue shopping" buttons are the same size as the "check out" buttons, while a massive 79% insist on keeping all "continue shopping" buttons a consistent size, shape and color throughout their sites.

Privacy Assurances

We’re living in an age of cybercrime and a greater level of awareness than ever before – unsurprising therefore that this is another of today’s top design trends. Specifically, no less than 80% of the world’s top sites ensure that they clearly address and communicate privacy concerns prior to final purchase screens.

Signups…or Not

It’s also become clear that not everyone is happy to sign up just to make a purchase – in fact, more people than ever are refusing to buy unless they can buy anonymously. This is precisely why no less than 50% of the world’s leading online businesses now allow anonymous purchases without the buyer having to sign in – one of the fastest growing top design eCommerce trends.

SEO FAQ’s Guide

Search Engine Optimization is all about implementing the strategies that can help a website reach the top of SERPs of all major search engines like Google and Bing. This SEO FAQ will guide you through the major strategies and their importance in your overall SEO campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research remains extremely important, as any good SEO campaign revolves around keywords. The important thing to understand with keyword research is to ensure that you choose keywords that are less competitive but are searched frequently. A keyword like SEO will have a higher search frequency, but would have a lot of competition too. While a keyword like SEO agency London will have lesser search frequency, but lesser competition too.

Site Architecture and Structure

It is important to understand that Google ranks pages rather than the whole of the website. In order to ensure that the SEO juice is translated to all pages present on your website, you must set up a site architecture that distributes the SEO juice evenly. For this purpose, inter-linking the pages together through internal linking remains the key.

On-Page Optimization

When it comes to using the keywords that you chose during the keyword research, on-page optimization becomes significant. It is not only important to spray the keywords within your content in order to perform well in SEO, placing the keywords strategically in the URL, in the page title, in the image ALT text and in the H1 and H2 headings also remains very important. However, all this must be done intelligently so that it doesn’t seem like keyword stuffing.

Link Building

No SEO Guide would be complete without the mention of link building. Link building remains important as it is the most significant factor in deciding the authority of a website. Gaining links through link baiting, directory submissions, guest blogging, press releases, blogger reviews, hosted sites and digital PR remain the perfect choices.

White Hat and Black Hat

There are two types of SEO techniques, i.e. white hat and black hat. While black hat SEO isn’t favorable, there do remain a few techniques that can work for you. Paid directory link building and parasite hosting remain a few high value black hat techniques while keyword stuffing, automated link generation and automated content generation remain the poorest black hat tricks. On the other hand, white hat SEO is always recommended, though there remain a few techniques that you shouldn’t try as they aren’t really efficient. On-Page Optimization, XML Sitemap creation and PR sculpting are some of the high value white hat tricks, while Wikipedia links and use of Meta keywords remain some of the most poor white hat techniques.

Social Media

The impact of social media on SEO has increased manifold in recent years. Now a single good post submitted / uploaded to Digg and tweeted on Twitter can become viral in a matter of seconds. An excellent post on Digg would always make it to the homepage which would lead to its submission on Reddit and its reporting on a major blog. Similarly, a good post would get a lot of retweets and make its way to Facebook and stumble upon as a result. All these would count as backlinks for your website with major blogs linking to your site which would increase your site’s authority. All that is needed is excellent, catchy and engaging content.

The nopCommerce remains one platform that is great for SEO. Being the best e-commerce solution, it has been drafted in such a manner that it actually helps the website out as far as SEO goes. By combining these strategies with the nopCommerce e-commerce solution, you can surely get to the top of SERPs!

nopCommerce 3.0 Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor Review

nopCommerce is a widely known and utilized e-commerce solution featuring open source design put together on the most previous version of ASP.Net MVC 4.0. It is also built on and combined with the MS SQL 2005 version or any higher versions used as database backend. In layman’s term, it is the shopping cart software that you use when shopping and buying clothes online. This popular open source solution has varied and amazing features that could boost e-commerce sites, particularly their operations, sales and revenue.

Why choose and use nopCommerce?

In comparison to other types of open source solutions, this application has well-organized and systematic project structure. It is user-friendly because of its easy and customizable features that allow extension of use. Although the system is quite versatile and extremely powerful, it is not intimidating and complicated to use and apply. nopCommerce is dubbed as one of the top favorite and featured applications with hundreds and thousands of users downloading the application every now and then.

nopCommerce 3.0 Review

The earlier versions of this revolutionary application have definitely made it on top of the virtual and apps mainstream. However, nopCommerce 3.00 version in May 2013 is another milestone for the software developers and creators. nopCommerce 3.0 review reveals that it goes the extra mile to provide a comprehensive e-commerce solution with a fully open source platform. For instance, this newest addition to their portfolio is the only one that supports nopCommerce multi-store and multiple vendor features. This is a revolutionary platform since there are no other open source software versions that provide shopping cart features with multiple stores and vendors covered.

nopCommerce 3.0 Features

The different designs and features of previous nopCommerce versions were still retained and available in the 3.0 edition; however, the issues and tweaks of the earlier products were already fixed. The best thing about this nopCommerce version is that problematic areas of the recent editions were solved, optimized and refactored for better and more improved nopCommerce 3.0 features.

Multi-Store Features

This particular feature allows users to run and operate more than one store with just a single installation of the nopCommerce application. Thus, nopCommerce could host multiple stores, merchandisers and retailers front end using different domains. The perk is that users could efficiently and conveniently manage several domains of retail stores and admin operations through only one administrator panel. This software is the one used for single website owners featuring multiple store retailers in their site.

nopCommerce new store setupnopCommerce new store setup

nopCommerce stores configurationsnopCommerce stores configuration

nopCommerce configuring per storenopCommerce configuring per store

Multi-Store Limitations

This feature of nopCommerce also has its own restrictions and limitations. One of the limitations of nopCommerce is that it cannot function for different virtual websites on the same category. It is a single app and uses a single app pool; hence users cannot host their store using different servers. It also does not have configurable shipping and payment settings, no plugins per store, tier prices allocated for each store, discounts and checkout attributes for every retailer store.

Multi-Vendor Features

Multi-Vendor nopCommerce feature enables users to sell different products offered by multiple virtual vendors. Sellers or vendors have the tool to manage orders, product catalogs and shipments among others in their business operation. This nopCommerce application feature allows multiple and independent vendors to display products in your catalog for visitors and online shoppers to see and purchase the items from the vendors themselves. Multi-vendor nopCommerce feature creates the venue for different vendors in the administration panel. Customer accounts are then mapped to different multiple vendors for their use. The multi-vendor feature also assigns and accesses vendor role and helps in proper product management such as shipment and orders through allowing the user to login to the administrator panel.

nopCommerce vendor setup

Multi-Vendor Limitations

There are missing features from this application including the profile page for the vendor, configurable shipping options, payout tracking system for completed and approved orders, filter and reports. Although it only offers basic features, the implementation is customizable.

nopCommerce is a very flexible, easy to use, complete and the only open source solution that offers multi-store and multi-vendor features. nopCommerce a revolutionary and innovative e-commerce platform solution, which enhances business operations from inquiries, lead generation, order, sales and revenues. NopCommerce is continuously adding more features to enhance its services from performance optimization, SEO and CSS and HTML refactoring.

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