NopCommerce Video Plugin (free)

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NopCommerce Video Plugin (free)

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Compatible with nopCommerce 2.65/2.70/2.80 versions

The Treepodia platform will increase your engagement and conversion rates by mass-creating high quality automated videos for all of your products and presenting the videos on the appropriate nopCommerce product page.

The Treepodia platform is designed to automatically maintain your videos and synchronizes with your nopCommerce catalog data feed at a predefined frequency. By default this is once per week, but it can be configured otherwise based on your requirements and terms.

Treepodia service includes hosting and streaming your videos using Treepodia’s. Per-product data from your nopCommerce catalog’s data feed is pulled into a Video Template, creating a product-specific video for each and every product in your nopCommerce catalog.

Treepodia dashboard provides you with information on a per-product level regarding:

1. Video versions
2. Video views
3. Conversion rates and more

Dynamic Video Sitemap Google and other search engines rank video higher than other web content. Once you have a Treepodia video for each of your products, Treepodia’s Dynamic Video Sitemap capitalizes on this fact to give your site a significant SEO boost.

A Dynamic Video Sitemap is an automated service that informs major search engines about the existence of videos on your nopCommerce store, making sure they’re properly indexed in their entirety.

One of the most powerful features of the Treepodia platform is the internal A/B testing mechanism. Be sure you increase sales thanks to the Treepodia platform is at least four times the cost.

* Please note, if you sign up for Premium package, Treepodia Client Service team will contact you to coordinate the project, and help you with the integration step-by-step.

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