Responsive Animated Slider

NopCommerce Slider Plugin (3.60-4.10)
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  • Clean design, Optimized performance
  • Each slide can be configuring to use a custom animated element effects
  • Display great on all major devices: desktop computers, tablets, smartphones
  • A must-have extension for every ecommerce website
  • Configurable through admin interface: animated images and text captions, use any custom html
  • Compatible with nopCommerce 3.60-4.10 versions
  • You can use this plugin on many websites (setup on 1 or 1,000 stores)
  • Buy nopCommerce Nop Responsive Slider plugin and get FREE upgrades forever on all next releases

Version 4.10 (08/15/18)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 4.10

Version 4.00 (07/25/18)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 4.00

Version 3.90 (09/12/17)

  • Fixed few bugs: wasn't work enable/disable plugin, didn't allow to create a slide without a link

Version 3.80, 3.90 (06/26/17)

  • Recreated, uses owl carousel JS plugin
  • Upgraded to support nopCommerce 3.80, 3.90 versions

Version 3.70 (03/15/16)

  • Upgraded to support nopCommerce 3.70
  • Added an option to set a default slider size (we should enter original size value to get a properly resized proportions)

Version 3.60 (08/08/15)

  • First release supports nopCommerce 3.60
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