NopCommerce Price Match Widget (3.20-3.90, 4.10)

Start receiving price match requests in your store easy
nopCommerce price match plugin


  • Clean design used exist default styles
  • Compatible with nopCommerce 3.20-3.90, 4.10 versions
  • Easy plugin integration for your nopCommerce store
  • You can use this plugin on many websites (setup on 1 or 1,000 stores) - unlimited stores license
  • You can request a plugin customization for your site to meet your needs
  • Buy nopCommerce Price Match widget and get FREE upgrades forever on all next releases


  • Extract or upload the widget into Plugins directory on your site, reload all plugins, install.
  • Setup your settings. That's all


nopCommerce price match desktop

nopCommerce price match admin

Change Log

Version 4.10 (02/05/19)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 4.10

Version 3.90 (03/28/17)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.90

Version 3.85 (11/26/16)

  • Added option to set in administration side show request a quote on each product page or for all pages ("add to cart" box can be hidden)

Version 3.80 (08/19/16)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.80
  • Now we can use a one of email system's accounts as sender on quotes sending

Version 3.70 (12/17/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.70
  • Added option to hide specific blocks on the price match form
  • Added option to attach plugins

Version 3.60 (07/17/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.60

Version 3.50 (01/13/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.50

Version 3.40 (10/18/14)

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