NopCommerce Request a Quote plugin

Supported nopCommerce: 2.65, 2.80-4.30 versions
Receive request for quotation (RFQ) or request for information (RFI)
$65.00 $55.00 (-15%)
Receive request for quotation (RFQ) or request for information (RFI)


  • Receive request for quotation (RFQ) or request for information (RFI)
  • Enable / disable form sections, attaching files, request a quote may be send to more than one  recepient, spam protection
  • This plugin comes with unlimited license (use it with your different websites)
  • You can always request to customize this plugin for your needs
  • Get FREE upgrades forever on all next releases


  • Detailed instructions can be found in downloaded archive (installation time 5 minutes)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsive Form, Upload Files, Protects From Spam, Enable/Disable Different Blocks
Compatible with nopCommerce:
Detailed Documentation:
Compatible Browsers:
All major modern browsers, optimized for all popular devices
Opened HTML Views, CSS3, JavaScript
24/7 Support
All our customers receive lifetime free upgrades to all next releases
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Version 4.30 (05/24/20)

  • Upgraded to support nopCommerce 4.30

Version 4.20 (07/11/19)

  • Upgraded to support nopCommerce 4.20

Version 4.10 (01/12/19)

  • Fixed a bug with a file path download

Version 4.10 (10/25/18)

  • Added a new option "Private quotes" - as an option only registered visitors can request a quote

Version 4.10 (08/15/18)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 4.10

Version 4.00 (07/25/18)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 4.00

Version 3.90 (03/29/17)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.90

Version 3.80 (08/17/16)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.80

Version 3.70 (12/17/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.70

Version 3.60 (07/17/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.60

Version 3.50 (01/13/15)

  • Updated to support nopCommerce 3.50

Version 3.40 (10/18/14)

  • Added spam protection
  • Added meta title "PageTitle.RequestQuote"
  • Added sender Ip Address to request a quote email
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