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How to Hide the homepage control only on homepage, keeping the Homepage control in other pages.

6 years ago
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Hi support, i would like to be able to implement this solution on my Healthy Theme, I'm currently had done it successfully on a dev project with Nop-template megamenu plugin and it works fantastic, however with Healthy theme the code need a little rewrite.
See below:

1.) Modify the Mega Menu view and add a css class "home" to the Home page link li element.
Here is the view file:


the code:

@if (Model.Settings.IncludeHomePageLink)
            <li class="home">
                <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("HomePage")">@T("HomePage")</a>

2.) Create a new css file that will contain the "home" class properties.
(i.e) I created a new css class in Visual Studio called MegaMenuHome.css  style it, and placed under
"C:\Users\jusername\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\projName\Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.MegaMenu\Themes\00044\Content\...(style file)..

.mega-menu .home
display: none !important;

3. Link the file in the Views\Home\Index.cshtml file.
Html.AppendCssFileParts("~/the path to your file here/homestyle.css");

This way the Home link will not be displayed only on the home page as the styles that hide it will be loaded only on the Home page.

6 years ago
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I don't think you should create additional css file for one element only.

Try just add next code on Home/Index.cshtml

<style type="text/css">.mega-menu .home{display:none;}</style>
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