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Electronic Theme 2.65 Categories Component

7 years ago
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I am trying to customize the Electronic Theme 2.65 homepage I want to put the Categories component on top to the left, next to the nivo-slider.

- I edited the file "Themes\Electronics\Views\Home\Index.cshtml" but the categories remain at the same place

- Even if I delete the categories component from both files it still shows. I remove "@Html.Action("HomepageCategories", "Catalog")".

- I edited also the file "Presentation\Nop.Web\Views\Home\Index.cshtml" I got the same behavior the Categories component doesn't move or hide.

- But when I hide the Products component it works "@Html.Action("HomepageProducts", "Catalog")" unlike the categories.

How can I move the Categories up.

Please advise.

7 years ago
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Hello Charbel,
Please look inside Themes/../Views/Shared/_ColumnsThree.cshtml and Themes/../Views/Shared/_ColumnsTwo.cshtml. These files are masters.

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